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Vintage Garden Life Boutique 337 Springfield Antique Center-Springfield, Ohio

Eight years have passed and so much has happened since the launch/pause of The Love Letter and Vintage Finds. After a nice long reprieve, we have decided to relaunch our vintage business, but with a slightly fun new twist.

Gardening concepts, products and influences!

Gardening has always been a personal passion of mine. With over 30 years experience as a floral designer, the genre fit my business concept all to well. My buying and purchasing habits always seem to flow that direction; making the next choice an obvious one.

Combine my passion for vintage/antiques with my green thumb!

Vintage Garden Life is a perfect fit! Figuring out a venue was the next logical step. So after careful consideration and plenty of prospecting, Jefferey's Antique Gallery and Springfield Antique Center is the perfect location.

Springfield, Ohio is an antique collectors paradise! There are several shows and antique malls in the area. Springfield Extravaganza draws crowds from all around the country and the world, making it one of the biggest and most popular shows in the nation.

Looking for something fun and exciting to do? Plenty of variety can be found in Springfield!

Springfield Antique Center is conveniently located just across the street and down the road; less than a mile away from where they hold the Springfield Antique Show.

Springfield Antique Center is located at 1735 Titus Road Springfield, OH 45502.

As a vendor; I am looking forward to this new adventure in one of the hottest antique districts in the country! The Love Letter and Vintage Finds: Vintage Garden Life edition, has been long awaited for and is now finally underway.

The new Vintage Garden Life boutique can be found in booth 337 at Springfield Antique Center.

We have a lifetime of collectibles on display that have been acquired from all across the country. Plenty to choose from!

If you have a love for the unique qualities of vintage and antiques, you definitely don't want to miss out!


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