Find Your Inner Rebel and Live

What drives ideas? Why do certain styles become so popular? Where do trends get their start? How do trends mold and influence modern day society and culture? If you spent any career time in design or have been a part of fashion in the free world, answering questions such as this use to be simple. But not anymore.

Sorry … this is not a fashion blog my friends. I am writing this to shed light in some very dark places. I want to offer hope while being real with you. I want to show you that there is a way to fight back against this dark force that is out to destroy our way of life. For now ... there is a way that it can be done without violence. So find that inner rebel and live!

Let Freedom Ring

U.S history has experienced its fare share of challenges. Through it all, being perfect as a free society was never our claim to fame. Instead, it was more about resolve. Working thru the issues. Providing people tools for success. Finding ways to move forward from difficulty. Adapting and overcoming adversity was something to be admired. Respected.

True strength demonstrated on the world stage earned the U.S. a special position in the arena of governments. The United States of America was a beacon of hope. A real example to people in every corner of the globe.

The freedom the U.S. provides empowers women such as myself with the opportunity to explore options to achieve success. Even if it meant starting from rock bottom with absolutely no hand up. There was never an excuse not to try. I personally don't take my freedom for granted because it was the tool I needed that saved my life. Being able to make decisions for myself has enabled me to live my best life moving forward.

I was given the freedom to explore the world of design on so many fronts. I was given the opportunity to be a trend setter in my field of expertise. A very small percentage of women in the world get that chance. I will forever be grateful to our founding fathers for providing me the tools necessary to pull myself up and live a life I could have only dreamed of as a little girl. And in such an amazing country to boot!

Thank you greats grandfather William!

Live Your Best Life

Faith in God and a genuine love for one another was the true strength of the U.S. We understood what it meant to take the moral high ground and to do it with real honor. If you made a promise, you kept it. To say you would be there for someone wasn't just empty hollow words. Those words actually meant something to the hearer. We knew how to keep our friends and loved ones in our lives and close to our hearts. We knew how to build allegiances and maintain them properly. We kept our word.

Leadership roles were filled with people who weren't afraid of making difficult decisions. They weren't drunk on power and status. Our leaders took the responsibility on their shoulders very seriously. Maintaining the integrity of our Constitution was seen as a top priority and was not seen as an outdated document in need of change. They actually worked for the people and the system worked for them. Producing some of the most incredible results ever in world history.

Free thinkers were given a platform to share fresh new ideas. We invented. We designed. We built things. Creative genius was celebrated. Freedom and independence was our credo.

A Monarch's Journey

Unfortunately, circumstances have changed. Weakness is now the order of the day. True strength has officially left the room, leaving behind confusion and uncertainty about the future of our country. Weak leadership now runs the ship.

A lust for power rules. Its no longer about who's the most qualified for the job, but who has the most dirt on everybody. Constantly trying to find ways to have power over someone. Having a willingness to 'sell out' to the world system if it gets you somewhere. Its no longer about real talent and intelligence. Its about who is willing to be a prostitute to the highest bidder. Male or female.

True Love Prevails

Courage, knowing how to apologize, and true grit were once a dominating force in the hearts and minds of the American people. Qualities such as this were empowering. Healing and respectful. Positive reinforcement in such a great way. We knew how to be responsible for our actions and how they affected others. Self awareness made us polite and thoughtful. Not so harsh and judgmental.

Have there always been hateful unloving people? Absolutely! Social norms at the time kept behavior like that in check. God, love and liberty breed a strong people with fierce resilience and an ability to stand up to anything. Decadence has now crippled that image. Selfishness and greed take precedence over the needs of others. Evil has taken hold and standards have changed. Leadership is only there to exploit and not to serve.

The U.S. has been injured severely and perversion has seriously demoralized the people. A reality that is very hard to swallow has set in on me personally. I no longer recognize the country I grew up in.

Watch The Sunsets

Little miracles of patriotic fervor can still be found flickering throughout the land in spite of it. They long for the return of a bygone era. More innocent of times. The battle rages and an ever tightening grip forces it's destructive hands around the throats of these men and women, forcing them to struggle for every breath of resistance.

Life altering events work overtime at silencing their fading voices, but they refuse to give up. They refuse to give in. Flashes of what we once were as a majority.

The miracle they hold out for may or may not come, but the Lord promises that when the enemy comes in like a flood a standard will be raised. We are witnessing that standard as more and more people continue to push back. The children are watching and listening. Pray for them.

Continue to fight the good fight faithful ones! Your struggle is not in vain! You are that standard!

Isaiah 59:19 King James Version 19 So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.

Don't Stop Dreaming

A dark force seems to have invaded our once great nation in recent years. Empowering weak willed individuals to do its bidding.

Or … is it that it has always been here? Lurking in the shadows. Hiding and whispering in dark corners. Plotting and planning; just waiting for a chance to strike. Slowly gaining control over the hearts of men and women thru mind altering devices. Devices that put debaucherously vile behavior … right at our fingertips. Ever wedging it's way in. Seducing everyone with the worst of taboo behavior. With what was once forbidden.

Behavior is changing. Darkness becomes more and more tolerated. People turn from the light with an appetite for death and destruction. Degradation sets in with every new issue raised and then becomes normalized. A slow chipping away at the standards that kept us dominate in the world as a super power. Our greatness fading, like cheap paint in the blistering sun.

Yes … evil has always been with us, but not with such great acceptance. That takes time and commitment to get to this point. Pockets of overwhelming evil behavior have always been found all over the world and all throughout history, but now ... it is the real world wide epidemic.

Trends set in once you gain a following. The idea has to have a support system to gain momentum. I say with a heavy heart that it has officially become trendy to dance with the devil.

Look for the Beauty

Red blooded Americans everywhere with eyes to see, do realize that something is dangerously wrong with our country. Pockets of resistance who understand that the winds of change are now upon us are everywhere. People are waking up. Unfortunately though, we have witnessed the popular view shift to the far left. More and more people are moving towards the broad gate. Their minds enslaved by lies and deceit. Unreasonable. Unwilling to see the error of their ways.

Wealth and prosperity has contributed to the laziness and complacency we are witnessing laid out before us. It has created a vacuum of opportunity for the powers that be. Events are rapidly accelerating like never before because the enemy knows he has but a short time.

The agenda of Satan has been called into action. His followers have started setting things into motion to prepare for the arrival of their ruler. We are in a Blitz Krieg of events. The enemy of our souls is on the move with one mission in mind. Destroy God's greatest creation. Mankind.

Change is Coming

The alarm bells have been sounding for quite some time now. The enemy is no longer at the gates. They are among us. The war to push back against the ever present danger has raged for decades. Now ... the dark forces gain strength within the will of our own people. Watching. Looking for their chance. Waiting for the moment that will be given to them. They know they will have their season.

So for the spiritually emboldened, this is nothing new. We have prepared for such a time as this. So should you. There's nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9

Prophetic Renderings

The once obtainable American dream is turning into just that … only a dream. In some cases the dream is becoming a distant memory. The ever changing current circumstances is quickly morphing American dreams into something more like an American nightmare and without apology. Lives lost. Lives destroyed and all thanks to weaklings trying to find relevance. Using each other's power to elevate themselves in order to feel less inadequate, while making detrimental decisions that effect us all.

Behavior that was once seen as patriotic, stylish, trendy and all things American, has been redefined by these individuals as something subversive, threatening and terroristic. Even gardening and canning are seen as problematic under the current political climate.

Simple pleasures such as dining out, enjoying your daughter's wedding and watching a sunset, are being labeled as actions that can produce life threating issues for those around you. A form of nonsensical guilt that pushes through more dictatorial power for those in the higher ups.

Uncertainty fills our future. Creative thought struggles for a real voice. Rugged individualism is no longer celebrated, but scorned. Collectivism thru mob rule controls the narratives.

When the mass majority knew how important it was to take the moral high ground; warding off evil was easier, but now its being empowered. There's not enough resistance to slow down the process and perilous times are starting to come upon us.

What is to be expected? Where do we go from here? The answers to these questions are still simple.

Plant Your Garden

Starting a vintage resell business back in 2012 fit my American dream perfectly. I had launched a small resell business at the age of 21. This was during the early 90's. Due to a sudden career change with my husband, I had to close the doors on my boutique The Knick Knack Shack.

Later in life, I decided at 41 to revisit the same idea, but this time with a fresh new perspective. I had received several years of market place experience by then and I had obtained a business management degree to help round out my career.

Through this experience I discovered so much about who I was as a person and what I was made of. The appreciation I saw for my art and decorative skills came with plenty of reward and exposure. But nothing could compare to the lessons I learned from God about obedience and humility.

Treasures of the Heart

Painting, redesigning, shopping and merchandising four vintage boutiques required passion and drive I never realized I had. In between maintaining my goals with my boutiques, I freelanced as a designer, did website development and was a freelance writer for several blog spots. It was a very demanding time in my life, but absolutely exhilarating.

Self discovery was definitely the theme of the moment and finding a way to succeed at all of it was the primary mission. I found the ability to focus on many things at once and how to become organized enough to manage all of it. An opportunity that could have only been achieved as a free woman living in a free nation.

A few short years later, my husband and I decided that it was time to launch our plumbing company. Right from the start our services were in high demand and the blessings came pouring in. The choice was obvious. I decided it was time to pause my vintage business temporarily in order to focus enough energy into helping my husband build our plumbing business.

Once we established Copper Pipe, re-opening Love Letter at a later date was still very much on the table. I took the time to refine my points of interest and revaluate the direction I wanted to take my brand.

Gardening and vintage garden design definitley secured a special place in my repertoire. My love for all things gardening, vintage and floral design had come full circle. My mind was alive with creativity and inspiration. The Love Letter and Vintage Finds had gone thru a metamorphism of sorts. I was about to emerge into the upper echelon of my design career. I was ready to take things next level!

Tom and I started looking for places to start up. Finding the right location was just a matter of timing. Then … the American horror story of 2020 began.

Tropicana Roses

The world's issues are no longer just a blurb on the 10 o'clock news. They are pounding on our front door demanding things of us. Like so many being affected by the pandemic, our plans got postponed. Decisions are being made and lines have been drawn in the sand.

The dark seekers and followers of this evil agenda are in power. They want to kill the life force that is within us. They want to destroy the light. If you are confused, afraid or overwhelmed, my first recommendation is to repent before the Almighty. Draw close to Him and if you haven't given your heart to Jesus, now is the time to do so.

Then, don't bow down to the power grab! Plant your garden. Watch your daughter or son get married. Go to the park for a walk. Support small business and make vacation plans! Enjoy the sunsets and sunrises. Start a business or build something. Resistance is doing the opposite of what they tell you.

Live free while you still can. Civil disobedience and being a rebel these days is as simple as living your life on your own terms. Do what you desire, but most important of all ... love God and each other.

Written by Angel Rasper 9/14/2021

Photography by Tom and Angel Rasper

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