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Falling in Love with the Season

Written by Angel Rasper


Sparkling lights aglow paired up with silver and gold ornaments. Candlesticks and fine linens gracing tables, buffets, fireplace mantels and Christmas trees adorned. As we pull the items that we have lovingly collected from their sleep, the assortment of treasures begins to sing a tender song of memories that draws on the deep intrinsic value of why we cherish the beauty found in the season of giving.


The heart begins to whisper in unison to the sound that can also be felt as the memory song plays. The love felt through the beauty of grandmother's inherited bone china. The ornaments collected, while spending time with your children; either hand picked or homemade. The feel of the vintage velvet linens that mother hide as a surprise in your hope chest.


With each reason to experience the season of giving through the heart, our love for one another fans the flame of each candle that is lit at dinner. Every card that is opened, expressing simple little reminders of how much we care.


Love is at the heart of sincere giving. Love rescues the weary. Love helps us to hold onto the memories of those we have lost and can sooth the ache of a broken heart. Falling in love with the season is more about our expressed love for one another. Cherish it.

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