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Let the Party Punch and Color Flow! By Angel Rasper

  • Picture shot by Angel Rasper

Celebration! Just the mere sound of the word musters up reasons to have a great time, or can whisk us away to memories of a fun festivity that still brings a smile to our face when we recall it.

Almost everybody loves to find justification for celebration, and the month of June offers plenty of excuses to do so. From graduation parties to wedding-related parties to birthdays or summer picnics, the month of June doesn’t run short on plenty of reasons to have fun.

Creating a spectacular soiree doesn’t have to be complicated. With a little know how and a few simple “tips of the trade” you could be well on your way to becoming the host or hostess with the mostess.

So here are a few guidelines that can help you feel like a party planner master, while satisfying the need to entertain your party animals!


  • Picture- Miss Zadie Zoo

  • Set a reasonable date that gives you plenty of time to plan, along with a budget. Great parties are in the details, and since details require attention, why not give them the attention they deserve with a well thought out plan that meets budgetary requirements.

  • Organize a theme. This can be determined by the occasion, but this is where rules can be broken too. For example: have a graduation party with a 20’s theme. Or a “Welcome Summer” party with a rock star theme. The idea is to make it fun and interesting for guests. Theming a party can give you a host of party ideas for entertaining your invitees.

So if you want to have a successful “rock star” themed summer party … hire a DJ or a garage rock band! These ideas will most definitely appeal to your young guest list, but be sure to consider the location just out of courtesy. A party like this will produce lots of noise at a very late hour.

3. Let the party punch and color flow! Choose a color scheme that suites your theme. For example: try something different. Instead of using the typical black and white that is seen at a graduation party, go for a tropical theme and call it “Forever on Spring Break.”

Lots of color creates a very upbeat and lively feeling for your party guests, but of course the need for more color can be altered depending on the occasion. Say for example: a wedding reception or a baby shower.


Tropical color scheme creates a lively party atmosphere. Picture Credit

4. This is a tip that should be a rule! Send out invitations that “wow” your potential guests! What you put into an invitation says a lot about what you are putting into your event.

The invitation can sometimes be the very thing that encourages someone to come to your party. It sparks interest and it gives them an idea of what they have to look forward to. So try your best not to skimp, because when it comes to a spectacular party or event, the first impression can make all the difference, plus invitations can become the keepsake of a great party later.

5. A fun party idea. If you’re having a graduation party, have the graduates bring their caps and gowns to decorate. Felt tip pens and glow in the dark markers will give them a chance to personalize messages between friends, while turning their caps and gowns into special keepsake items with the same intrinsic value of a yearbook.

I have discovered that after 23 years in the design industry, which has included designing and planning ideas for events, that the inspiration for a wonderful party comes from the genius of the creative process.


  • Floral Designs Add Romance to a Wedding Event

  • Picture shot by Angel Rasper

As shown in the wedding table floral arrangement above, flowers can add an air of romance that will make your event memorable. Pulling ideas from once source, while combining them with another, creates a synergetic effort that can help create a party you will be hearing about for quite some time.

So next suggestion…

6. Collaborate with others for ideas! Ask your graduate what kind of food they think their friends might like. What kind of music does everybody enjoy? Talk to someone who has had a graduation party and ask them for advice.

7. Delegate it to someone else. If you know someone who can make an incredible edible cake, let them bake their heart out. Have someone help you with the food. Pull together a team to help you set up.

8. Another area that I believe should be a rule: be considerate … offer something for their time. People may be willing to help for free the first go around, but if you want to insure yourself that you will have help for your next event, consider the value of someone else’s time. So as part of your plan, be sure to make this part of your budget.

9. If your event is planned for the outdoors, always have a contingency plan for weather that loves to spoil a great party. One thing is for certain, we can set a date for a party, but there is no guarantee on what the weather might bring to your event. Thinking ahead of Mother Nature will show everybody just how sharp your party planning skills really are.

Be sure drinks & food look inviting. Picture Credit:

10. But of course who can have a fabulous party without food and drinks! This is where the sky is the limit. Give your delectable edibles party themed names. Use unexpected containers for serving. Keep a close watch on how long things have been sitting. Keep the foods looking fresh and inviting.


  • Picture Shot By Angel Rasper

11. Finger foods are always a hit with guests, because you can create plenty of variety and visual interest, while providing choices that are simple to eat.


Sectionals are the perfect party seating

The Warner Sectional from Bradington Young is designed with conversation and comfort in mind. For the perfect indoor party, this sofa arrangement allows for your guests to be seated in a way that engages them to socialize.

12. And last tip: make your guests comfortable and welcome in your home. Offer plenty of places to sit and relax. Set up several areas where guests can socialize. Offer plenty of areas for them to roam about, while maintaining your privacy. Be prepared for overnight guests with a guest room and have something to offer them for breakfast. It will show them just how much you have paid attention to detail.


Bring fashion to your guest room with the Affinity Panel Bed

The gorgeous Affinity Panel Bed from Hooker Furniture with exquisite detail will introduce home fashion to your guest room that will make your visitor feel like they are sleeping in a five star hotel.

  • My little friend Myla’s first birthday cake

  • Picture Shot By Angel Rasper

The most important detail of all is to just have fun with your event! The whole idea behind having a party is to have something to celebrate and feel good about later. So when your guests see you are relaxed and having a great time too, it will help set the tone for the entire evening. Happy celebrating!

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