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Antique Beauty and Vintage Finesse: The Inspiration Behind the Artistry of Re-Invention.

Most of my favorite subjects for inspiration I have found through a wide range of resources. Passing through somewhere either unfamiliar or a place I have sojourned for a bit, has become the inspiring source behind my game with re-invention and re-design.

Looking for vintage and antique items that tell a story of true decorative "staying power" can sometimes take my creative thoughts to a higher place.

Grasping for ingenious technique ideas of old and exploring modern methods to help re-formulate the desired look can be an "old made new" form of creative expression. Once put into practice, the skills and artform of a bygone era find rebirth and begin to breath new life into a dated furniture piece.

Combing a piece of furniture of a certian style era with the look and feel of a newly re-invented paint technique, combines the stories behind the original design ideas, creating a synergetic influence with the completion of the project, while adding a modern twist.

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